Fmt Group is not only focused on selling product, but particulary importance is given to maintenance and service too.

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What is periodic maintenance?

Every device such as generator, voltage stabilizer, UPS need to be maintained and serviced. Checks and services should be carried out continuously, periodically, in order for the devices to work efficiently for a longer period of time. These checks and services are called Periodic Maintenance

This service can be performed:
  • Only when it is needed (emergency cases), when you request the service from us.
  • When you sign a contract for periodic maintenance for the equipment.

Why do we need Periodic Maintenance?

Many of you might be wondering why do you need periodic maintenance when the device you bought is under warranty? All the problems and faults should be solved by our specialists as the device is within warranty.

This concept is very wrong because the warranty covers only defects that may have occurred during the manufacturing and assembly of the devices in the factory. While the problems or faults that are due to the miscarrying, misusage of the device or the utilization of the device outside of the allowed conditions make the device get out of the warranty. In order to avoid these problems we can rely on PERIODIC MAINTENACE.

Certainly the first option is quite wrong and in damage to the device. It can lead to the exclusion of warranty for these devices, while option B makes it possible for the device to be constantly under the control of the specialists.

What benefits do we get from a periodic maintenance contract?

  • It ensures that the device will have durability and will give an effective performance.
  • Through a Periodic Maintenance contartc you can profit better prices for the check up and services.
  • It ensures you that the device will not fall out of warranty due to different faults.

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