As an energy solution products business oriented enterprise, in order to better satisfy custmers demand, Fmt Group stick to the policy of open cooperation. We push forward R&D according to customer needs and market demands, take customer value as the core of technology and product development and innovation, quickly respond to customers differentiated design requirements on the premise of fully understanind customers needs, shorten product development circle and provide customers with the most competitive and cost effective products and service and thus continuously create value for customers and grow with customers.

R&D Department

Valuing innovation as essential to enterprises’ long-term existence and development, Fmt Group set up an independent Fmt R&D Department at the beginning of its establishment and spent over 4% of its annual revenue on research and development. Fmt has competitive technical R&D capabilities, leading the industry in terms of product R&D and quality inspection. With several Moto-Generator technology patents, we can provide the latest solutions for AVS, Generators and intelligent control panels.

Our Technology Fmt R&D Development Department has an Fmt R&D team full of vigor and vitality, including over 20 full-time developers, most of who are well experienced in R&D and inspection of energy solution products.

With the operation and project appraisal of R&D under the charge of the Company’s deputy general manager, the Fmt R&D Department has one manager and one deputy manager and is divided into several teams based on projects. The team leader is responsible for the implementation of each specific project, the manager or deputy manager can act as the project leader, and the team leaders report to the Fmt R&D Department head.

The Fmt R&D Department implements a customer distribution system and operates strictly according to this system.
The distribution procedures are: the developer compiles a letter of intent on product development; the major leader of the Department will review and make assessment on such letter of intent, then accordingly divide all developers into different teams, and assign a leader for each team; the Department manager distributes projects to each team based on customer requirements; each team leader maintains the development schedule and controls the whole development process.

  • We are actually part of future development, for the evolution of industry and technology and this make us feel proud !


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