Spare Parts

Spare Parts

Regardless of where is manufactured, high-quality genuine spare parts serve generators the best and increase its lifetime. In order to avoid malfunctions and decrease the risks as long as possible maintaining high performance, it’s recommend to use the genuine spare parts for complete protection.

While Imitation spare parts are cheaper; they carry a serious risk during usage given that they are not meant to be for your product. With low-quality materials that are not tested nor proven to be compatible, the quality and reliability of imitation spare parts cannot be guaranteed and their usage is dangerous.

FMT GROUP recommends the use of genuine spare parts to ensure smooth operation of our generators.


  1. High performance and quality
  2. Long lifetime
  3. Increased productivity and low costs in the long-term and long lifetime for other parts used in the generator.

You can call our After-Sale Department for your Spare Part needs and orders at +355 69 20 64 456 or submit a business inquiry online.