Our Team

Marketing Department

After more than 20 years of experience, our distinguishing factor is our dedication to the customer. Our professional staff, starting from the marketing department, to our technical experts stand behind our products and make a commitment to serve the costumer to the best of their capabilities. It is this valuable feature that puts us in a leading position.

We keep on doing our best to supply our customers with excellent products at competitive prices and provide them with professional, timely and personalized service. All customer requests and inquiries are evaluated with highest importance, professionalism, rapidity and politeness.

We will spare no effort in carrying out our mission, because we know, very much like our dear customers, the satisfaction of a “job well done.” That is our ultimate objective. We look forward on continuing to find the energy solutions to meet your needs.

"The strength of the team is each individual member.
The strength of each member is the team"


The R&D Department at Fmt Group works with the goal of bringing innovation and solution for all the customer.

Our engineers have developed an esthetically pleasing design that offers all the integral components of a genset within a compact configuration. It also offers innovative features such as an automated control panel and an interior design based on air flow simulations, to achieve the most optimal cooling conditions and air circulation.

All this is done with an emphasis on safety and the surrounding environment, that is why our engineers work to continuously improve the sound emissions, thus offering a better product for indoor or outdoor utilization.

Our R&D department is challenged by many custom projects from our customers requiring new solutions, allowing us to further improve current designs and enrich our knowledge. This experience gives us the confidence to guarantee our clients they will receive one of the best products in the market, within a record time frame.


FMT Group delivers power solutions plus a full range of services including system design, project management, operation, and maintenance.

FMT Group provides fast and effective technical support with unconditional customer centricity for its clients & partners with a wide range of Genset, UPS, and AVS as well as can give effective technical support for other Brands of Gensets, UPS, and AVS. FMT after-sales department will help the customer to evaluate the layout of his wiring and the proper configuration for installing FMT equipment.

The installation department will install and test equipment for clients. A full maintenance and service package is offered to customers, for all periodic maintenance and service that equipment requires.

Repaying for our reputation as a “reliable power solutions partner”, we always put forward the flexibility to fit your needs and find the best solutions delivering peak performance, thanks to our highly skilled technical team and strong customer support.

The perfect solutions system includes:

✔ Site Service
✔ Technical Support
✔ Maintenance Contracts
✔ Modernization
✔ Spare Parts
✔ Training