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During 2015-2022 FMT Group has signed and finalized different exclusive contracts with distributors which are very important in the global market in countries such as: Tunisia, Portugal, Russia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Ethiopia, Malta, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Norway, Australia etc…


2014 began with a new vision focused on expanding to the international market. This objective was reached through in-depth market research which yielded beneficial results.


In 2010 FMT Engine was designed and launched to gather small and medium powers up to 1200kVA. In this year another branch was opened in Montenegro.


A new era began in 2008 when the activity of FMT Group expanded in Kosovo through product sales and qualified professional services.


In 2005 FMT Group started designing and producing FMT GENERATORS and FMT UPS / Inverter.


FMT Group began its activity in 2001 as a producer of voltage stabilizers. At the end of 2001 FMT Group entered the Genset and UPS market. At first, FMT Group dealt only with trading these products.