Image of the company

Given an 8-year experience in the field of marketing and sales FMT Group continues to devote a great importance in strategies and techniques that she uses in recognition of the company and its expansion for inside and outside the country. To establish and improve the image constantly, marketing department undertakes various initiatives, with a focus on:

  • Maintain contacts with the client directly and indirectly such as: (meetings, phone calls, emails, etc. ..)
  • Cooperation with institutions, local and foreign businesses.
  • Participating in training, conferences.. etc.

Contacts with clients

   Even though the image creates a significant impact to company, the focus remains customer. What differentiates us from others lies at the products and services that we provide, not only operating ”Business to Business” but also for the wider mass market. Our objective as marketing department is not only to find new client but also to keep them as long as possible ”as potential customer” which accomplished by the coordinate of marketing  department with other departments as aftersales  Dep. by maintenance contracts for the respective products.




Offer innovative

Marketing Department tries to provide various offers to comply customer requirements and desires. Product offered at the time and right place. Company recognizes the primary means of promotion and advertising of her job, its successful completions of projects or different services to comply customer requirements.

Not forgetting and pays attention to some important elements of marketing as: