Human Resources

A very important thing on a companies progress, are its employees and because of  his, one of FMT Group departments is Human Resources Department. Despite its importance, not all the companies have Human Resources Department, this is because of the small employees number and because of the costs that this department brings.This department’s range is wider than simply hiring or dismissing the employees, its tasks are the employees training, promotiong the best employees, the salary determination, performance appraisal review and processing, it tryes to adapt them with the companies methods and policies and makes sure that the company’s mission, vision and values are fully engraved in the mind and soul of its employees.

A method that this department follows to see how effective the employees training was and also to encourage them in order to take as much as they can from the training, are the tests. The adoption of employees with new methods, with the latest technology is a very important task of this department. Also this department provides policies in order to keep the best relations between employees and also to stimulate them too.



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