Company Profile



From 2003 to today, FMT Group has penetrated into the Albanian market and not only, as a specialist in energy management. Starting as a stabilizer voltage producer, FMT Group expanded its range of products by introducing to the market electrical products, such as: Motor- Generators, UPS, Voltage Stabilizer, Led Diode, Transformers, Solar Panel, Electrical and Electronic Materials, Filters and Spare Parts. In 2008 it opened a branch in Kosovo and after successful achievements, it decided to open its new branch in Montenegro, in 2010. After this, FMT Group has known a continuous expansion that resulted in the creation of two new branches, the onces of Macedonia and Romania. Besides the headquarters in Tirana, recently, FMT Group has opened its new branch in Vlora, progressing its expansion further more.










Our company offers seriousness, fast service technically approved, a qualified engineer-technical staff (foreigners and native) and high quality products. Our obligation and pleasure is to offer to the customers, based on their requests, state-of-the-art equipment for the production and stabilization of the electrical energy, tested second to the ISO 9001:2008.


Our objectives have always been to establish a reputable trade and production Company that will gain the trust of the consumers, suppliers and investors.


– To supply electric & electronic equipment to the consumer that are of high quality, affordable and meet the needs of the consumers.

– To work with local and foreign experts, to develop projects that will benefit the customers.






Project and Innovation Department- “FMT Group” is partner of big factories in Turkey and Italy, that are world leaders, in the production and stabilization of electric energy. FMT Group products are designed from our engineers and are manufactured by our factories, according to the ISO 9001:2008 standards. Unlike other companies, FMT Group pays more attention to its product adaptation to the customer requirements, offering them the product that they want, but always without compromising the products quality.

This becomes possible through the Projection And Inovation Department. FMT Group through qualified engineers, based on a long experience in the field of alternative and flawless energy production, comes to you with a variety of solutions for special projects such as:


– Electrical and Electronic solutions.
– Synchronization of motor-generators
– STAND-BY programming consists of two motor-generators, which are managed through a relay time
– Genset Monitoring in distance and Control System for controlling and monitoring all details of Genset.
-Led lighting projects.
-Solar Photovoltaic projects.


Green energy research- Our qualified engineers have researched to find new solutions for the green energy, to help people and the environment by reducing the CO2 emission and the acoustic pollution and to make possible the production of the energy not in a highly qualified method. We develop energy generation through the Strategy of Green Energy and we make energy green by enabling easy connection and installation of renewable energies.
Social responsibility- Besides its activity in the energy sector, FMT Group shows an important attention in social and cultural activities, giving its contribution and commitment in different ways.





The main purpose of FMT Group is not to sell its products but, what comes after the products sale. This becomes possible through the After- sales Department and this Department’s strategies. What happens after the product is sold, this is the important part for the client, because even if you buy a high quality product, if you don’t do the necessary services for the product, at the right moment, the device will not function properly.

Also an important point for FMT Group is the reliability of its products, this is the reason why FMT Group offers two years warranty for its devices.





Researching and finding new solutions and products for new customers and also to create new values. Also the expansion of FMT Group is a very important point in the company’s plans.