After Sale


Fmt After sales service refers to various processes which make sure customers are satisfied with the products and services of the Fmt Products.

Fmt After Sale Department has responsibility for periodic or as-required maintenance or repair of equipment by produced or supplied by Fmt Group, during and after a warranty period.

Fmt Group After Sale has one of the most extensive technical service team strategy in the energy solutions industry.

Fmt Group has technical service stuffs who depending with Fmt Group countries and regions distributors.

Fmt Group also trains our dealer technical service technicians and distributors through Fmt Group Collaboration and Education Centre.





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Basic policy:
  1. Provide customers with Fmt After Sale Services and information to maximize their security and satisfaction
  2. Employ the personnel with solid skills and give education about Fmt Group products to ensure top-quality maintenance and ensure that customers can enjoy the experience of using their Fmt products with peace of mind
  3. Provide a speedy Fmt repair system ensuring that any problem with a customer`s products will be fixed properly the first time
  4. Collect and utilize quality-related customer feedback to improve Fmt repair skills and products development.





Providing Fmt Services for Security and Satisfaction

– Contact with customers: Customer Relationship Management
– Development and proposal of Fmt service products
– Sufficient collection and dissemination of information
– Fmt service and operations education programmes
– Strengthening support for dealers through Fmt distributors
– Improving service skills of all dealerships






Safe and secure maintenance skills and quality improvements

– Developing maintenance and repair friendly energy products
– Deploying service diagnostic devices
– Distribution of service manuals
– Distribution of specialized tools
– High-quality maintenance skills



Reliable supply of service parts

Reorganization of parts supply network in Fmt Group: 10 years technical assistance parts and services


Cultivating human resources and competency

Fmt Group collaborations and education centre

– Training for service staff
– Conferences for new products
– Fmt service certification